Roxbury High Counselor Brings Easter Magic

By: Megan Roche

Kelly Korovich didn’t want the spirit and magic of the Easter Bunny to fall by the wayside, even during the coronavirus pandemic. She had originally planned on dressing up as the coveted childhood character for her own two children, but then decided to spread as much happiness as she could.

Korovich, who was last seen hopping around neighborhoods in Roxbury, dressed as the Easter Bunny, was visiting families. She encouraged the parents at the homes she visited to maintain social distancing, but to show their children that in light of what is happening in the world, there are some things that have still remained normal.

“We keep getting more and more limitations on what we can do. I was upset for my own family about not being able to visit the bunny. I was kind of down about not being able to continue with the tradition; it’s something they look forward to, I look forward to doing that with them. I just decided to purchase a costume and bring the magic to them. I had originally planned just to do it for my own family but then I decided to just pick a weekend and go around as the bunny and keep hope alive,” Korovich said.

Korovich’s own children didn’t get a chance to head to the mall and see the bunny, something she and her husband, and her little girls, look forward to each year. Not wanting to lose out on the special moment, Korovich got creative and ordered a bunny costume. She plans to have an egg hunt with her children, take photos with them, and still let them enjoy the holiday.

When Korovich came up with the idea to travel around, she invited a few families via Facebook. She spent the weekend prior to Easter, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., visiting local families throughout Roxbury. Each family got to interact with the bunny, and the bunny even left special treats about the yard for the kids to find. As she hopped along the neighborhoods, every age group was happy to see the bunny out.

“Even the adults who would drive by as I was hopping along, their expressions were just as happy as the kids were,” Korovich said. “The adults were waving and saying hi to me, they were super excited too.”

Every parent was grateful for what she did, and each child she came in contact with had nothing short of a smile on their face. There were no issues with social distancing, and everyone heeded all warnings and obeyed the rules. For Korovich, the experience couldn’t have gone any better.

“We had told every child that the bunny was safe, and he just wanted to come around and let everyone know that. All of the kids were excited and so happy. I made sure each kid saw me hopping along. I wanted to make it special for them still, even though we are in the middle of this pandemic. I wanted to let them know that even with all of this going on, the special things they always have each year, are still going to be there, no matter what.”

As a school counselor at Roxbury High School for nine years, Korovich has seen the impact of what is happening mentally to a lot of people during quarantine. With many people stuck inside their homes, with no escape, she hoped by dressing up as the Easter bunny and bringing joy to people, that she reminds them of what is truly important at this time.

“Continuing the normalcy and letting them know that there are things you can still rely on. Obviously not as small as the Easter bunny, but you can count on your family and your friends and we’re all still together. We’re able to support each other and still find happiness amongst the chaos that is happening around us.”

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