Roxbury Students Use 3D Equipment to Make PPE

Roxbury students have taken up the challenge to help during this COVID-19 health-related crisis. Students and staff have been working hard creating personal protective equipment (PPE) of face shield frames and face mask straps to help the front-line workers.

Eisenhower Middle School STEM Teacher, Phil Moskowitz shared an update on the 3D masks. “We have been printing for just under a week and we have produced a total of 70 face shield frames and 210 face mask straps. Overall, the group I am partnered with has produced over 1,900 face masks!”

A large majority of those have been donated to University Hospital in Newark as well as other hospitals in the area.

“I know Merry Heart had requested some supplies in TAPintoRoxbury so I have been in contact with them, as well as with the gentleman, Jim Hofmann from Newton High School, who has been coordinating everything and my hope is we get them a delivery soon.”

Moskowitz shared that some of the mask straps were donated to Morristown NICU, where his son Chase was for three of the six months he was hospitalized at after his birth. “It was nice to give back!”

The mask straps take the elastic from behind the ears and holds them on the back of the head instead to make the long shifts a little more comfortable for the nurses.

“Another batch of straps went to the Morristown COVID floor where Roxana Caivano’s son’s girlfriend works,” said Moskowitz. Caivano is the Media Specialist at Roxbury High School.

“Early in the process, I had reached out to a few students who I knew had 3D printers at home and who have risen to the occasion, no questions asked; really showing the Roxbury way. Sophomore Brody Haughey, 2016 RHS graduate Matt Pergolizzi, and eighth-graders Rithik Mehta and Justin Masi all immediately said that they wanted to help. RHS Roxbotix advisor, Mark Taylor has also been a part of this process having items printed using Roxbotix equipment,” explained Moskowitz.

Adding, “I was lucky to have some family members and friends who wanted to donate to our cause and was able to get rolls of plastic from these guys to help me. If more people/families in the Roxbury community would like to join us, the information can be found at”



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