Rutherford Hall Seeks Volunteers

It has only been four years since Rutherfurd Hall began its trip out of obscurity and now has achieved National and State Historical Recognition.

As volunteers have worked within the building, there has been a consistent effort to restore the surrounding grounds to prominence.

Occupied in 1905 by the Rutherfurd family, as a summer home, the building had heating and lighting since day one. Every human comfort was available.

The Allamuchy School Board purchased the building from the Sisters of Devine Charity, along with a newer adjacent structure for use as a school.

There is much to know about this historic structure and tours are available. The building was designed by architects Warren and Wetmore, famous for Grand Central Station, and the grounds by the Olmsted Brothers, famous for landscaping Central Park.

From the very beginning of the four years, members of the community have used paint brushes, shovels power saws and grit and determination to renovate the structure, while scheduling many events to raise funds for the renovation of The Grand Lady.

As one example, members of the Friends of Rutherfurd Hall, continue their volunteerism by reviving the flower beds and clearing brush and decaying trees. Nowhere has this been more apparent than fighting back poison ivy and using muscle otherwise unknown.

There are more sedate and talented needs for volunteers within the building. During the growing season, local businesses have “adopted” the Hall. To all these patrons, Rutherfurd Hall is extremely grateful for not only donating but you have become part of history.

For more information about The Friends of Rutherfurd Hall, join a meeting which is set for every first Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. Tours are conducted every Wednesday, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Visit or call the Executive Director Laurie Rapisardi at 908-852-1894 ext.334

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