Saint Clare’s Health announced that they have vaccinated over 2,000 employees and medical staff with the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine in Denville, and in the Dover locations.


“With this vaccine, which is nothing short of a ‘medical miracle,’ we can ensure that our team is protected, and we can continue caring for our patients. It arms us, collectively, with the knowledge that 2021 will bring us closer to conquering this virus and allow us to return to a new normal,” stated Brian Finestein, Chief Executive Officer of Saint Clare’s Health


Dr. E. McManus, Infectious Disease Specialists added, “We are grateful to all the scientists and study volunteers in the trials for making this holiday delivery possible. Make sure you get your vaccine when its available, wear your masks, and continue to social distance to protect yourself and your family.”


Saint Clare’s will continue in the following week to vaccinate the physicians, nurses, medical staff, paramedics, and support services, including counselors and therapists. “Saint Clare’s and the community fought fearlessly against COVID. There remains much for us yet to do, and I believe with the collaboration of the medical staff and community we will be successful overcoming challenges and navigating our way through the second wave of the pandemic,” continued Finestein. “We have many reasons to be hopeful!”



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