SCCC Welcomes New Supervisor of Optics Technology

NEWTON (July 9, 2020) – The Optics Technology program at Sussex County Community College has a new Supervisor, Brian Lake.

Lake, who grew up in Hackettstown and is a graduate of Hackettstown High School, will lead a state-of-the-art community college program, one of less than a handful in the United States, that already has a solid reputation as one of the best.

“I am really excited to be part of this program,” said Lake, who lives in Stanhope. “I love education, always have. To have a hand in developing a curriculum to help students get to where they want to be is a good feeling.”

Lake, who taught Physics & Innovation at Pope John High School this past year, is a graduate of one of the top technical colleges in the country, Rochester Institute of Technology. At RIT, he first earned a Bachelor of Science in Physics and then a Master of Science in Astrophysical Sciences & Technology.

“Brian is a tremendous addition to our faculty,” said Dr. Jon Connolly, President of Sussex. “His knowledge of technology is outstanding, especially as it relates to the optics industry.”

Sussex has enjoyed a working partnership with industry leader Thorlabs in Newton for several years and the relationship is expected to be enhanced even more in the coming years. Many Thorlabs technicians receive additional training through the Sussex program.

The Optics Technology program focuses primarily on the manufacturing end of the industry, but also includes courses in many other aspects of the industry. The program comes with either a degree or a certificate, depending on which route a student takes. Students not only learn about the foundation of the optics industry but participate in hands-on courses.

“Students get to work on actual machines that make the lenses, it’s a full-on experience.” noted Lake. “When they complete the program, students are in a competitive position to go after a job in this market in whatever direction they take.”

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