Science, Discovery Steal Show At Tulsa Trail School

Tulsa Trail Elementary School Students, along with their families, recently had a fun night of science and discovery on Thursday, Nov. 16.

“COHESION: Families Bonding Together to Solve Real World Problems,’’ brought families together through interactive, science based inquiry at the Hopatcong school. Activities included Earthquake Challenge, Rocket Challenge, Design a Playground, Electric Lessons and Cafeteria Cookies.  Participants created and built structures that withstood earthquakes, designed a new playground for the school with Legos, and tested different hockey pucks to develop new equipment for the street hockey program in town. At the end of the evening, families received a certificate of participation along with an extension activity to complete at home.

Hopatcong educators Jennifer Neu, Danielle Kovach  and Alison Ibaceta received a $5,500 NJEA HIPP Foundation Grant to complete this project.  Throughout the 2017-2018 school year, four COHESION Nights will take place and families will have the opportunity to register online for one of the activities offered.  The next COHESION Night is set for Jan. 18, 2018.  For more information, visit

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