Second Graders Learning Yoga

Throughout the first two months at Netcong School, second grade students in Bonnie Lisk’s class have been learning yoga poses as a part of their daily routine. Yoga has been included in both the morning to focus the start of the day and used throughout the day to refocus the children in the classroom.
The poses are provided on picture cards for the children along with a demonstration from their teacher. Yoga has been proven to show the positive benefits in control and focus in the classroom and Lisk has been seeing these results day to day in her students as they follow her lead through different yoga sequences.
“As these second graders practice yoga, they rehearse breathing techniques and become more self-aware,” says Lisk. “The students have been requesting yoga throughout the day.”
The rehearsal of the moves has made the students more confident in the stretches and motivated to try new routines, creating an enjoyable atmosphere for all.
“Overall, the incorporation of yoga into this group of second graders has improved attention and focus of the learners along with creating a fun, relaxing environment for learning and growing,” she adds.

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