SOS Invites Community To New Thrift Store Open House

Approximately six months ago, when Strengthen Our Sisters (SOS) was at its lowest ebb, possibly on the verge of losing its houses and not being able to provide for the thousands of women and children that come to the non-profit organization for assistance, some very caring, kind people in Livingston read an article in their hometown paper.  After visiting SOS and speaking with some of the residents, they decided to make a donation to enable SOS to open a second thrift store towards the goal of becoming economically independent.

After much searching, hard work and struggle, SOS is proud to announce that on Sat., April 15, at noon, an open house with food, music, merriment and surprise awards is set to be held. The new store, Treasures Two is located at the corner of Main Street and Chestnut Avenue in Passaic.

The public is invited to join in and be part of this exciting event.  All monies raised by the store will be used to set up households for families who are rebuilding their lives.  The thrift store will also be able to provide affordable, high quality items to the community.

For donations and additional information call Sandra Ramos, 973-831-6156 or email Susan Batt,

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