St. Hubert’s Brings Pets North From Hurricane Harvey Devastation

St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center mobilized its Sister Shelter WayStation program to welcome upwards of 100 dogs on August 29, the first animal flight to the northeast out of the area devastated by Hurricane Harvey.
“In cases like this, moving pets who were already in the shelter system helps provide capacity for animals displaced by the storm and keeps them close to home,” said Heather Cammisa, president and CEO of St. Hubert’s, who founded the WayStation program. “Our hearts are with the people and animals of Texas, and we and our partners will continue to help in the days, weeks and months to come.” 
The airlift of dogs coming north, organized by the Humane Society of the United States and provided by Wings of Rescue (, brought dogs from San Antonio Animal Care and Control, which has been assisting the Houston region.
“HSUS is working to help the people and pets devastated by Hurricane Harvey,’’ said Kim Alboum, shelter outreach and policy engagement director at HSUS. “We could not do this life- saving work without our placement partners and our rescue partners on the ground. These pets are incredibly lucky to get a second chance through St. Hubert’s and their WayStation partners.”
St. Hubert’s planned to take the canines to its Madison campus. Following a respite for meals and exercise, many of the canines will transfer to partners along the northeast corridor.

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