The good fight: Simple, reliable ways to tame frizzy hair

22116271_original(BPT) – Frizz happens – a lot – to women of all hair types. And whether their hair is straight, wavy or naturally curly, American women almost universally agree that frizzy hair is frustrating. While it’s probably no surprise that women hate frizz, the number who suffer from it is eye-opening: 80 percent, according to a recent survey by iconic hair care brand Alberto VO5. In fact, 62 percent of surveyed women said frizz was their most dreaded hair malfunction.

Also surprising – half of women who suffer from frizz aren’t sure what causes it, even though the same percentage battle unruly, fly-away hair the most between the hot, humid months of June and August. However, frizz can occur at any time of year in any climate.

“Women may know that humid weather equals frizzy hair, but they don’t know what causes it,” says Nina Riley, a vice president at High Ridge Brands, owner of VO5. “Frizz occurs when water, found in humid air, modifies the hair’s structural protein, causing hair cuticles to ‘let loose,’ creating frizzy hair.”

Women fight frizz in creative ways: More than a third (39 percent) hide it with creative up-dos, while 43 percent use heat to straighten their hair, the survey found. Fortunately, Riley says, effectively fighting frizz doesn’t require you to compromise your hair style or risk stripping moisture from your hair by straightening it.

The hair pros offer this advice for fighting frizz:

1. Pre-treat before shampooing

Fighting frizz should begin before you shampoo. Pre-treat hair with VO5 Hot Oil Treatment, a process that takes one minute, once a week and infuses hair with a five-essential vitamin formula to condition and moisturize from roots to ends. Since dry hair picks up more moisture from humid air, moisturizing proactively helps control the amount of moisture that enters the hair follicle.

2. Lather, rinse, be gentle

Wash and condition hair three to seven times a week using the frizz-control shampoo and conditioner. Rinse the conditioner out with cold water, which helps the hair shaft close and prevents excess moisture from making follicles swell. Towel-dry your hair with gentle squeezing motions to remove excess water. Never towel-dry by tousling hair, which can contribute to frizz by stretching hair strands while they’re wet and fragile. Use a wet comb or paddle brush to remove tangles. Never apply a round brush to wet hair; the damage it causes can create more frizz. If you have time, allow your hair to air dry; heat from dryers and irons can dehydrate hair. If you must blow dry, apply a heat protecting spray first.

3. Engage in frizz-fighting maintenance

Fighting frizz successfully takes daily care, so incorporate a product like VO5 Shine, Glow and Go Beauty Oil to your daily beauty regimen. The dual-purpose natural oil blend helps prolong your hot oil treatment. Moisturize your body post-shower, and dab the remaining oil on your hair to tame flyaways. You’ll want to touch your sleek, shiny hair throughout the day, but resist. The oils in your skin are moisture, and they can make hair follicles open up and frizz out.

“While VO5 has declared August ‘National Anti-frizz Month,’ women need to fight frizz year round,” Riley says. “Daily care can help every woman achieve the sleek, shiny hair she craves.”

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