There’s “Nothing Ordinary About Mary” and The Mary K. Sheeran Team

Photo credit: Genevieve Sheeran

By Steve Sears

Mary K. Sheeran of the Mary K. Sheeran Team, a full-service real estate agency, is honest and upfront: She couldn’t do it alone.

“It” is all the top notch and necessary services under the Mary K. Sheeran Team umbrella. “We have a very, very special ingredient here,” Sheeran states. “We really have a high priority on our clients and a certain behavior and care for them. You have to operate a certain way to really make it a good mix. It’s really a team effort. It’s led by myself, but the kind of the service we bring to the table now I could never do by myself. The important part, too,” she continues with emphasis, “is really giving each and every client – and I’m very proud of this – really giving them a full-service agency, a full array of services. When they hire us, they’re really getting a lot for their money.”

For the Mary K. Sheeran Team, located at 333 Route 46 West, Ste. 103, Mountain Lakes (201-412-9155,, clients come from the nearby northern New Jersey area, in addition to Pennsylvania, New York, and Connecticut. And, although her team does occasionally list properties outside the area, Denville and the Morris County area is what they specialize in because they know it so well. It’s the area Sheeran calls home – and ‘home’ to her is the key word. “It (a home) is the most important place to almost any individual. Because a home – not a house – a home is filled with love.”

“The ‘home’ is the heart of the person.”

Sheeran, a Denville resident, and her team go above and beyond in care and service, to which a client once said, there’s “nothing ordinary about Mary.” Nor her crew, whom Sheeran lauds. “We have built a team that’s not just a group of salespeople. It’s a family team,” Sheeran says. Her husband Michael, who had a 30- year career in Manhattan as a contractor, is now retired from that career, and his contribution is very instrumental. “He helps many sellers and buyers as we go through the home inspection process; he helps give them additional understanding of what’s going on in the house, or what may be the concerns he’s able to help them appreciate that and help them find good resources and work through it.” Then there’s daughter Genevieve, who handles marketing, including social media, a very important tool when you’re selling properties (“it gives all of our sellers maximum exposure,” says Sheeran). Son John, who joined the Sheeran team two years ago, was a Manhattan-based financial planner and now is a big part of the sales team and community, assisting Sheeran on listing clients and buyers. Sheeran also mentions Connor Ebersol, who is a buyer’s agent and has been key in the rental service area and has developed and employs a very nice system for screening prospective tenants and working with landlords to ensure good matches. Sharon Donaldson, Sheeran’s Administrative Assistant, maintains database information such as anniversary dates and more, and also is in charge of the annual Client Appreciation Event, and Sara Leskovar, who is transaction coordinator, oversees transactions from beginning to end.

Sheeran herself has a Home Staging Certification. It’s all part of her makeup to never stop learning and improving herself – and it’s to the customer’s benefit. “I just always wanted to be able to offer my clients the most services possible that I could,” she says. “Back in 2009, 2010 and 2011, it was very difficult to sell a house. It was a buyer’s market, so I just tried and was always looking for ways to educate myself and improve myself in providing services to my clients. The Staging Certification enabled me to give the best advice I could give to any given client.” 

Sheeran and her team give back to community as well. They recently donated funds to a brand-new playground in Denville, and they contribute to just about every event that takes place in town, like Pink Witches Night, the Food Truck Festival, and different other functions. “We kind of keep it central to our community.”

For Sheeran, it’s about client satisfaction – through her team. “It makes me really happy when people say at the end of a transaction, ‘Mary, thank you so much. Your team and you were wonderful.’ Two years ago, it was still, ‘Thank you, Mary.’ People are really appreciating what the other members bring to the team, what they bring to the table, and that really makes me happy.”


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