Through Bud and Bloom Denville’s Broadway Floral And Gift Gallery Offers Artistry and More

By Dawn M Chiossi


    Through bud and bloom, Denville’s Broadway Floral and Gift Gallery seeks to offer artistry and connection to all of their customers. Located at 14 Broadway Avenue in Denville Monday through Saturday from the hours of 10:00 to 6:00 (until 5:00 on Saturday), patrons from all over are invited to show their love and affection for someone and to say it with flowers or gifts.


    Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, spring… at any time at all, give the gift of the personal touch without saying a word. Whether it is for condolences or celebration, for love or “just because,” giving a bouquet or arrangement of flowers demonstrates caring and connection.  


    Helping people do just that, Broadway Floral and Gifts invite patrons to step into shop and browse. Since 1979, this family-run business brings art, flowers and gifts together, seeking to give customers the perfect arrangement or statement for every occasion.


    According to William Guber, he has been the principal owner and operator of Broadway Floral and Gift Gallery for “the better part of 40 years.” He describes that the shop began all those years ago as “the Plant Peddler of Denville,” selling mostly plants and accessories at the time. But it was his artistic background and passion for making things beautiful that called to him the most, leading him to enhance the store.


    “When  I graduated from Seton Hall University it was not my intention to become a florist, but having an artistic background, it soon became a job I fell in love with,” he explains.


    From there, the shop has never looked back.


    Broadway Floral and Gift Gallery is more than a family business, it is a family passion, with each member bringing their own special ideas and energies to it. Guber mentions that the idea of offering fresh flowers came from his mother and sisters, Peggy and Joanne, soon after they began the business. He credits the store expansion into other venues, offering all sorts of treasures, to “His best friend and wife,” Joy McDermott.


   Broadway Floral and Gift offers beauty to everyone who enters their store. With a devotion and dedication to bring the finest florals and fashions to their community, Broadway Floral and Gifts offers so much, and their artistic touch is evident in every facet of their business.


    For example, their Weddings and Special Event Flowers encompass something for every taste, from timeless and traditional to sleek and contemporary. But Broadway Floral and Gifts additionally goes the extra mile, from designing flowers for the cake, to on-site party decorating, corporate event planning, and more. Patrons will be thrilled to see the energy and inspiration they will bring to the occasion.


  From the happiest times of life to the saddest, Broadway Floral and Gifts will be there too. With their customized sympathy and memorial flowers, this business will do their best express sympathy and give a tribute to the deceased through flowers and will additionally offer daily delivery service to funeral homes and hospitals.


  For that special gift, look no further, there’s lush green and blooming plants, silk and dried flower arrangements, dish gardens, accessories, gift items. For tempting taste buds, there’s gourmet and fruit baskets, gift baskets, and chocolates. Enticing shoppers will be art glass, pottery, a full line of Brighton accessories, handbags, framed prints, handcrafted jewelry, clothing, scented candles and much more.


    Recognizing that the retail business is ever-changing, Guber and Broadway Floral and Gifts seek to not only express themselves in their creations, they seek to give patrons the perfect and thoughtful gift.


    The response from the public has been amazing. Guber discloses that they have many loyal customers and they are thrilled with the new ones they have made thanks to their diversifying with new products. Striving for excellence and customer service every day, Guber is nothing but grateful for the life he created for himself and his family though art and flowers.


    “It feels good that our customers appreciate our efforts and motivates our team to continue to strive for excellence and service,” he remarks.


    In fact, Guber discloses that in 2018, Broadway Floral and Gifts was voted the #1 florist in Morris County by the Morris and Essex Health magazine as well as one of the best by the Daily Record Readers.


    Of course, like any artist and florist out there, he sees the calendar year in shades of colors and florals, bringing the shades, hues and brilliant colors to everything he sells.  


“This month brings one of the busiest times of our entire year due to Valentine’s Day and roses certainly are the flower of the moment. When Easter and Mother’s Day come around, all of the spring flowers such as lilies, tulips and irises become very popular. Summertime will bring sunflowers to the forefront of popularity. Once the fall begins, the focus is on the preparation for the long holiday season. Gifts centerpieces, evergreens, and poinsettias will take center stage. Then the cycle begins again as it has for 40 years for us.”


    For all those 40 years, Broadway Floral and Gifts has been a part of their customer’s lives, sharing their happiness and tears, their celebration, their love, their connection.

“The life of a small retail florist is not without its challenges, the hours are very long, holidays are spent working late into the evenings, and time off is very limited,” Guber discloses pragmatically. “But the benefits of being able to work with perhaps the most beautiful creations on earth outweighs some of the difficulties involved.


    Guber sums up his feelings about his lifetime career when he asserts, “The florist business is like the circus. It gets into your blood and becomes a lifelong journey to bring your craft and love of what you do to an audience eager to experience some of what our beautiful world has to offer.”


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