Through the Eyes of Children 

By: Sally Barmakian

Children are honest uncensored, and full of enthusiasm! As we approach a season of many holidays, take a step back and try to see it through a child’s eyes. At a local farm, observe a child carrying a huge, orange pumpkin with both hands and a big grin on his or her face. The delight of watching a turkey strut around with its jiggly, red wattle beneath its beak as it actually gobbles! The look of a future chef watching grandma baste a plump turkey in the oven or a turkey made from a paper bag with colorful paper feathers being given a home on the Thanksgiving table. Treasure the moment a child sees the gigantic balloons at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade for the first time. Do not dismiss these endeavors or miss the sparkle in the eyes of the children who are enjoying the holiday at their level. 

December has a myriad of holidays which can be shared by all. The thrill of spinning a dreidel to get some chocolate coins or flipping potato pancakes with a grandchild. The surprise of siblings when they see their “Elf on a Shelf” in the refrigerator! A first visit with Santa or a ride in your pajamas on a train to The Polar Express. A family outing to see a tree lighting can bring magic to the night with hot chocolate and warm mittens. Instead of just taking your kids to events, really enjoy it through their eyes. Delve into the family traditions that make your family come together and celebrate with those experiencing with such fresh enthusiasm that it cannot be suppressed in any way. 

It is also a time to share with your children how they can warm the hearts of others. Bake cookies with your kids to give to neighbors or make cards to send to the military who cannot be home with their families. Have your children drop off gifts to children who are hospitalized and will be in the hospital over the holidays. And sing!!!!! Children’s concerts are the best as they sing with their hearts and smile all over. Adults of any age can observe the enthusiasm of children. All through the year as holidays unfold, their fresh perspective and unbridled gushing of smiles, squeals, and giggles can be enjoyed by all! Put your “fun” glasses on, it is time to see through the eyes of children. 


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