Total Jersey Wellness Under One Roof in Denville

By Steve Sears

In early February, Dr. Jersey Wulster and her team at Jersey Wellness in Denville endured an office move.

Endured? Not so. “Perfect, flawless” Dr. Jersey states when asked how the move went. “Didn’t miss a day, didn’t shut down an hour.”

Mention is made of her words because she says them with such energy, such joy. It’s also the way she conducts her business, her teaching endeavors, and her life.

Located now at 25 Orchard Street, Jersey Wellness is the complete wellness solution. Bring your health and wellness goal – need – to Dr. Jersey and her team, you’ll feel the “you’re in good hands” touch upon entry.

Jersey Wellness offers Chiropractic Care, Ideal Protein Weight Loss, Nutrition & Enzyme Therapy, Homeopathy, ArpWave Therapy, Life Coaching for Professional and Personal Coaching. However, there’s a key, three-legged stool approach to the care here, and that’s in the Chiropractic, Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program and Coaching realms.

Then there’s an additional fourth leg: caring. In fact, folks have been experiencing that devoted attention since 1983. The office changed its name to Jersey Wellness about 15 years ago, and with the recent move to a smaller office, which contains two suites instead of one, the chiropractic and coaching is divided under one roof.

Dr. Jersey currently teaches Anatomy as an Adjunct Professor at County College of Morris, is a Chiropractic Physician, practices Homeopathy and Nutrition, and is also an Intuitive Life Coach. She explains. “My great love for learning took me under the world of coaching. I got my Doctorate from Chiropractic school, and then  years later I got Certified (as an Integrative Coach from the Ford Institute) at JFK University in Coaching, and of course The Institute of Professional Empowerment Coaching. For me, coaching is to the mind what chiropractic is to the body. It’s a natural fit for me. I do all of those things.” She pauses briefly, then continues. “I learned long ago that health and healing is not a single job. It’s based upon the balance of our four parts: mind, body, soul and emotion. Even though when we treat someone with chiropractic, we can’t ignore the mind, what we think, what our core beliefs are, or the emotions and how we feel, how we process things, or the spirit – the life force itself. I think for me chiropractic and coaching encompass all four, very much so, it’s a natural fit.”

In addition to Dr. Jersey, Jersey Wellness is also home to Dr. Wanda Butler, a Certified Nutritional Consultant, Enzyme Therapist, Life Coach for mind, mood and addiction; Tricia Best, a Certified Spiritual Hypnotist, Meditation Specialist, Doula, Bradley Method Instructor;  Dawn, the very efficient office manager, bookkeeper, and Certified Ideal Protein Weight Loss Coach; and, when you first enter, you are front-desk greeted by both Chelsea and Patti, the latter the insurance guru. For more information about Dr. Jersey, her team, and all that she and Jersey Wellness offers, visit and

When a person visits Jersey Wellness, the key question is what they need the most, and uncovering this is done via a Complimentary Wellness Consultation. “The first thing I see quite often is their (clients and prospective clients) life isn’t where they want it to be,” claims Dr. Jersey. “It’s an observation of incongruency, so to speak. An observation of not having what they want. They might have an emotion attached to it, they might have a lot of things attached to it. That’s the first reason. The second reason is they want to change; they want to get from point A to point B and need someone to coach them through it. A lot of people come in and don’t know where they want to be, so part for some folks is about designing the goal. Usually, when someone starts with a coach, they want to improve some aspect of their life.” The aspect may not be evident, but if it’s in an arena where Dr. Jersey can aid them, she gets to work, educating the individual or team about the differences between dreams and goals, and then helping them set agendas to reach the goals. In fact, she even sets goals for herself.

She then adds, “No one single office can cover all topics, but we’ve got a lot of the significant ones covered.”

Yes, significant.

First, why chiropractic? “We are (chiropractors) the natural keepers,” says Dr. Jersey, “the only physicians that are the natural keepers of natural health. We are it. Two things come to mind. A lot of people come to me to get out of pain, but here’s what is really important for people to understand. We cannot function well in pain, and we cannot evolve in pain. Almost not at all, at any level. Chiropractic is a very quick way to get people out of pain.” She then adds, “Chakra is a metaphysical term for an energy center in the body, and the chakras overlap the neurological plexus. When we adjust and treat the human spine, it opens up energy centers.  I’ve had the benefit of the 30 plus years of practice hearing the impact of chiropractic: it heals children, it heals families. And it gets people out of pain.”

She then alludes to her Life Coaching. “I’ve always had – and I’ve been coaching for years – this duality in my practice doing both, and this (Jersey Wellness) has become a place for both. Coaching is different. People come in with different complaints, different wishes. Coaching opens up more doors for conversation.” She adds, “In my chiropractic office, I’m treating your body, talking to your mind, and getting you aware and open; and if I’m coaching, I’m treating your mind, talking to you and getting you to have a new perspective, to visit our core beliefs, our limiting beliefs. How’d we get people to shift? By information, data, study, awareness. That’s my thing.”   

Dr. Jersey’s default mechanism in life is knowledge. In high school she also attended night school; after graduating college with her doctorate in 1983, for the next 25 years she has logged 5,000 hours of training. “I have a philosophy that there’s plenty of people who know more than me. If I have a question, I just have to find somebody who knows more on that subject and learn from them.”

Jersey Wellness also offers Ideal Protein and Weight Loss counseling, with Dawn at Jersey Wellness being a Certified Ideal Protein Weight Loss Coach.  “It is a significant part of our chiropractic end because it is a spectacular GMO weight loss product program with high results which has been rated some of the best in the world the last two years,” says Dr. Jersey.

Dr. Jersey offers her summation of what Jersey Wellness really means to its clients. “Listen, here’s my theme in life. My goal is to help people with deliberate, conscious living. It enforces the opportunity to have the life that we want. It also eliminates victimhood. There’s a lot of gifts humans have, and we fail to use them, it’s our own undoing. We’ve become subject to the effects of other people as opposed to managing our own lives and controlling our destiny to the best of our ability.”

Visit Dr. Jersey and her Jersey Wellness team at 25 Orchard Street, Suite 103 in Denville, or call (973) 625-7800. She and her team are there to help.

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