Totowa Bagels Rolls Out New Menu Items During Pandemic

Byline: Lindsey Kelleher


The Coronavirus pandemic has presented challenges for local restaurants and coffee shops, but Totowa Bagels owners Raied and Rizek Muheisen push through them every day, delivering bagels with a great taste.

“At first some believed that a pandemic was coming, and some didn’t, but we work really hard to serve our customers and we’ve been trying out new things,” said Raied, 30.

If you’re looking to try something new, get the chocolate chip cream cheese, which is loaded with large chocolate chips and goes nicely with just about any flavored bagel.

To start your day off with a kick, order a breakfast sandwich on a jalapeno-flavored bagel – another addition to the menu.

If you want to stick to the basics, the plain bagels are always popular. Get them as a sandwich or toasted with butter or cream cheese.

Don’t want to go out?

Then have Totowa Bagels come to you.

The bagel shop has offered free delivery service since it opened four years ago. There has been an increase in deliveries during the pandemic.

Orders may also be placed through Grubhub, Uber Eats, or Doordash.

When Raied and Rizek aren’t making bagels, they are giving them to people who are less fortunate.

Each afternoon, the brothers donate any unsold bagels to Little Sisters of the Poor in Totowa. Little Sisters of the Poor is an organization through St. Joseph’s Home for the Elderly that cares for the poor and elderly.

“It’s a big help for us,” said Mark Barbone, activities director for St. Joseph’s Home for the Elderly.

Totowa Bagels is located at 159 Union Boulevard, Totowa, NJ 07512. Hours: Sunday-Saturday: 5 a.m. to 3 p.m. Free delivery. Phone: 973-925-4008.


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