Tronex International: Getting Protective Equipment to Those Who Need it Most

By: Megan Roche


In the current COVID-19 pandemic, Tronex International is remaining true to its mission. 


For over three decades, and through these unprecedented times, our commitment to support our major health system and Fortune 500 brand customer partners, together with our connection to the local community, remains constant and strong. We are honored for the trusted opportunity to supply a comprehensive range of medical grade and food safe gloves, disposable gowns and apparel, and face masks, among other vital personal protective equipment in support of essential front-line personnel across the nation. Our deepest appreciation and admiration go out to the countless healthcare providers who continue to provide critical care to those who need it most,” Tronex shared.


Founded in 1989, Tronex International is a true American success story. 


“We were founded with the great vision to become a world-class marketing, manufacturing, and distribution enterprise. Tronex first opened its doors and its heart by responding to the urgent need at that time, for superior quality disposable protective products during the burgeoning AIDS crisis in the late ‘80s,” Tronex recalls.


Since its inception, Tronex has grown exponentially. The entrepreneurial enterprise with deep roots in New Jersey, is now a major national and global brand.


“For the past three decades, Tronex has had the tremendous honor and opportunity to establish numerous long-term major partnerships with leading companies, brands, and manufacturing partners, both nationally and around the world, that share parallel philosophies and vision,” Tronex says. 


Manufacturing and supplying comprehensive lines of all kinds of personal protective equipment is their specialty. The Tronex brand is home to numerous protection solutions, from gloves and masks, to gowns and apparel. 


“Our product lines offer more than 1,000 infection control and cross-contamination prevention products. We have a full range of superior quality, disposable medical-grade, and general-purpose gloves, as well as head-to-toe disposable protective apparel, face masks, and N95 respirator masks. We continue to strive towards the future, with new emerging innovations including wound care and surgical/operating room infection-control products,” Tronex said.


As an essential employer and supplier through the coronavirus pandemic, Tronex continues its dedication to provide advanced-quality products to those on the frontlines.


As a leading provider of PPE for the past three decades, Tronex commits to the sustained provision of quality products, both through this COVID-19 impacted time as well as far beyond. Our mission remains to deliver innovation and continued performance in anticipation of the emerging needs of our customers and the evolving market. We operate with a spirit of deep gratitude and responsibility as an essential supplier, and to keep our community and the public safe and protected,” Tronex says.


Tronex International, Inc. Headquarters are located at 300 International Drive, Mount Olive. For more information on Tronex, please visit

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