Unveiling of the First Trail Blaze to be Held in Randolph

On July 15 at 10:00 a.m., the September 11th National Memorial Trail Alliance, in conjunction with the Morris County Park Commission, will be celebrating the unveiling of the first trail blaze on the September 11th National Memorial Trail, a 1,300 mile tribute to first responders and those who perished on September 11th, 2001.

Beginning in 2004, the September 11th National Memorial Trail Alliance was formed to establish a memorial trail that links both the planned and existing memorial sites dedicated to September 11th, including the World Trade Center, Pentagon and Flight 93 Memorial. The board currently consists of 12 members, each with their own unique tie to the cause.

“Our vision for both this alliance and the memorial trail is to unite fellow Americans, trail enthusiasts, organizations, and the families of those lost in the attacks, and work together to make this a reality,” said Andy Hamilton, President of the September 11th National Memorial Trail Alliance. “The trail is shaped like a triangle to forever connect these locations, and serves as a symbol of resiliency and character.”

In addition to linking the three national memorials, the continuous trail also passes through over 50 landmarks such as the Eastern Continental Divide, Delaware Water Gap, and Morristown National Historical Park, and is accessible to automobiles, hikers, and bikers.

“It is a true honor for Morris County to be a part of this memorial trail,” said Dave Helmer, Executive Director of Morris County Park Commission. “We thank those who have put in incredible amounts of time and effort into making this trail not only something for people to enjoy, but also to continue to recognize the people and families impacted by the event.

He attributes the Park Commission’s prominent role in this initiative to Russ Nee, Assistant Superintendent of Trails & Special Projects for the Park Commission who also serves on the Board of the Alliance.

The unveiling is open to the public and will be taking place at the Patriot’s Path Trail entrance on Dolly Bridge Road in Randolph. Local fire and police departments, EMS, and veterans will be in attendance.

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