Learning about art and teaching hands-on are both integral parts in Montessori philosophy. As remote learning has become a necessity these days, our teachers have had to find creative ways to continue to teach in this hands-on manner. Ms. Zarate, the Art teacher at The Albrook School, has done just that by assigning the elementary students the “upside down art” project and the “doodle hand printing” project. The “upside down art” project gives students the opportunity to create their own masterpiece replicating the technique of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel by laying on their backs and holding up their hand to paint for a long period of time. “Additionally, the “upside down” project helped the students to understand how they could produce a wonderful piece of art even though the position may have been uncomfortable”, stated Ms. Zarate. The handprint doodle art is based on the study of one of the basic elements used in art, the lines. Artists combine straight, curved or diagonal lines and put them all together to create their own version of doodles. Various colors and shapes can be placed inside each “section” of the doodle in addition to other elements like the hand.


The Albrook School was founded in 1979 as a non-profit Montessori school. We serve up to 200 children ages two through twelve. Our School is accredited by the American Montessori Society and by the Middle States Commission on Elementary Schools and follows the Montessori philosophy of assisting each child in developing each of his or her potentialities to the fullest. The Albrook School is located at 361 Somerville Road, Basking Ridge, NJ.


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