Verona Artist Redefines Her Craft By Painting Pictures With Words

By Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta

Verona and New York City resident Marcia Gloster always thought of herself as a painter, but within the last three years she had two books published.
Her first, “31 Days: A Memoir of a Seduction” came out in 2014. And her fiction novel, “I Love You Today,” was released in April by The Story Plant.
“It’s really fun,” said Gloster, about writing books. She says she believes that creative people are multi-gifted. “You’re not just stuck with one [talent],” she said.
Gloster is a member of the National Association of Women Artists and Studio Montclair. She’s exhibited her work in New York City, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
As a child growing up in Los Angeles, Gloster rode horses; and she started drawing them. She stopped riding at the age of 11, when her family moved to New York.
During her high school years, she became intrigued by illustrations in the “Saturday Evening Post” and knew she’d make money being an illustrator. She told her guidance counselor, “One thing I’m good at is art.”
After going to the Rhode Island School of Design, Gloster supported herself through illustration work.
“I didn’t want to depend on my family,” she said. “I needed to be independent.”
In addition to illustrations, Gloster also built a career as an award-winning book designer for Simon & Schuster and an art director. Her experiences working in the male-dominated world of publishing and advertising in the mid-1960s were fictionalized in her second book, “I Love You Today.”
“Looking back, some of the experiences were so absurd in the light of today,” Gloster said. For example, she was told that a girl would never be hired to work in the art department; she was warned she’d have to be somebody’s secretary.
And while Gloster embraced a time of what came out of conformity, like free love and mini-skirts, other people couldn’t.
Her first book, “31 Days: A Memoir of Seduction,” is about her affair with a well-known British painter during her time spent in Salzburg during the summer of 1963.
“He was quite a bit older than me. I was 20,” Gloster said. “He radiated sensuality. He was very much bohemian. I said to myself, ‘Stay away, this man is dangerous.’ He said to me, ‘We’re here for a month. We may never see each other again.’ This was supposed to be nothing, but it became something more.”
Gloster is currently in the process of writing two more books.
“I finished a book a few months ago. I’m not sure what to call it,” she said. “It’s a romance between two people in their 30’s and 40’s who meet. One from England, one from the states. Eventually they find out they’ve been lovers for five thousand years. It’s paranormal romance. It’s very spiritual. It’s very hopeful. It’s sad but it’s hopeful.”
Her books are available on Amazon, and in Barnes & Noble, as well as local bookstores. She has a daughter and lives with her husband, James Ammeen.
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