Virtual Wedding Brings Happiness Through Coronavirus Epidemic

By Megan Roche

Like many people, the time of coronavirus has been scary, sparked a fear of the unknown, and has forced vacations and concert cancellations, but also weddings and funerals. One of those weddings that was cancelled still went on and observed social distancing through the popular teleconference app Zoom.

Amanda Nicastro had been planning the day that every little girl dreams of for over a year and a half. Amanda and fiancée Matt Schey met six years ago through mutual friends. The two hit it off and got engaged in October of 2018. Through dress shopping, food and wine tastings, and venue shopping, the two spent much time planning their special day.

When things started to get bad with the coronavirus epidemic, the two held out hope that their April 4 ceremony would still go on. The two were supposed to get married in a beautiful barn in Pennsylvania, Amanda had the dress of her dreams, and Matt couldn’t believe that he was going to marry her. When the two received a call from their venue, there were a lot of tears shed. Their wedding was officially cancelled.

“We waited until our venue had to cancel. We held out for as long as we could. We cancelled the entire thing, including our honeymoon plans. We don’t really have the flexibility to make plans for the future, because everything is still very up in the air because of the coronavirus. We knew in our heart that it was over. The day that I was told that I was out of work, things were shutting down, more and more people were home, we knew the wedding was over. You want to stay hopeful and we held on to as much hope as we could until we were basically told that we had no choice.” Amanda shared.

2020 was supposed to be a year of happiness for the Nicastro clan. Amanda’s father, Joe, turned 60, Amanda’s sister, Kearstin had just had a son, Amanda was about to turn 30. All of that had been put on hold because of coronavirus.

The two opted to hold their wedding anyway, virtually. Amanda’s brother, Frank Saya, performed the ceremony, which was a special moment. The two had originally planned to hold the Zoom call with just their families and close friends, but at the last minute sent out the link to all their guests who had been invited. The turnout was over 100 people, many of whom were dressed in suits and dresses.

“It was definitely different, but everyone showed up for us,” Matt shared. “It was really overwhelming to see how many people really cared about us. We even had people come to the Zoom wedding that couldn’t be there at the actual ceremony because of other commitments.”

After the ceremony, though it wasn’t their Hawaiian honeymoon they had planned, the two shared a walk around the neighborhood together. Amanda and Matt will embark on another new journey when the two become parents when they welcome their first child, a girl, in September. They ultimately plan to still hold a reception to celebrate their nuptials with family and friends when the coronavirus epidemic is over.

“It was definitely sad that we had to cancel it. Just because we spent so much time planning this moment. But in the end, all that matters is that you marry the person you plan on marrying. Everyone always told us that your wedding day is not going to go the way you plan. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you are starting your life with this person.” Matt shared.

Amanda knows one thing for sure. She still plans to share her dance with her father, whether it be in a living room or a banquet facility.

“My dad is my best friend in the whole world. I have had the song picked out that I wanted to dance to with my dad since I was in the sixth grade, “In My Life” by the Beatles. I told my dad, Matt and I still plan to celebrate when this is all over, I’ll have my dad walk me down the aisle then and I can always share that special moment with him in our living room.”

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