Warren County Hall Seeks 2020 Nominations 

The Warren County Hall of Fame committee is currently seeking nominations of residents who have “made Warren County proud” through making a difference. Nominees for this year’s inclusion must be submitted by May 15. Nominations should be based on one or more of the following qualities: Public service, military service, business, sports, arts and entertainment, education, or special recognition (for those who have impacted the county but do not fall into the previous categories). 


Each nomination category is broad and may apply to multiple types of nominees. For example, public service nominations can include community volunteers or a public official that has positively impacted the community. Business nominees can be either a business person or business itself. Sports nominees have included athletes, sports administrators, and coaches, including careers in Warren County and beyond. Arts and entertainment nominees also may have careers that stretched beyond the county. Military service nominees may be active or veteran members of the armed services. 


Previous inductees include John Johnson, Anne Grogan, Dr. Marc Abo, Marian Bredin, Dr. James Goodwin, Rev. Dr. Frank Fowler, Sal Simonetti, Kathleen Halpin, John McCann, Tomas Gonzales, Dr. Robert Friedman, Christopher Maier, Norman Worth, Mattar Mattar, Ed Rossi, Steve Gandley, Nancy Brown, Doug Steinhardt, Garabed “Chuck” Haytaian, and Richard Cotton. 


All nominees must have strong ties to Warren County, which can include a current or former resident, or someone who works or serves in the county. 


Deadline for nominations is May 15. To download a nomination form go to www.wcccfoundation.org. For further information email wchalloffame@warren.edu. For more details about the event, contact samir@warren.edu 


The Hall of Fame was established by the Warren County Community College Foundation to recognize the county’s finest. This year’s event will be held in November at Hawk Pointe Golf Club in Washington. 


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