Washington Township Mayoral Update

Each month, Black River Life will feature an update from Mayor Matt Murello on the happenings in the township, local events, and more. The inaugural column, written below, highlights the latest things happening in Long Valley.

The Township will not have another rabies clinic this year, however, the health department has agreements with surrounding areas that will inoculate animals for rabies free of charge. For information call the health department at (908) 876-3650.


The Board of Education started the process of installing interior and exterior bus cameras in the school buses. I wanted to clarify some information. First, the cameras were purchased by the Board of Education and the Township and the WTPD were not included or consulted in that decision. I understand that the cameras can be used as additional evidence if a complaint is made for an event either inside or outside of a school bus.  However, the WTPD has no authority over the camera video and will not be using the information to issue violations. The process will remain that the bus drivers will need to initiate a complaint to the municipal court. The WTPD will assist the Transportation department and the Board of Ed but has no custody of the bus camera video and the public needs to contact the school district for video information.


Also on the township website are Volunteer applications for Township Boards or Committees which can now be submitted online. I encourage local business proprietors to consider the newly created associate membership for the Economic Development Committee.

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