Wayne Resident and Author Jeffrey J. Antonucci Speaks at the Wayne Public Library 

Attendees gathered on Sunday, February 9, 2020 as longtime Wayne resident and author Jeffrey J. Antonucci presented a book talk and signing at the Wayne Public Library. The author made a $5 donation to the “Friends of the Wayne Public Library” for each book sold at the event. 

During the book talk, Antonucci discussed both his novel, Deep Within a Blueberry Sky, and Love and Peace, A Sign for Our Times initiative. This discussion featured his inspiring journey to becoming a published author, the book’s messages highlighting “the power of love,” and his initiative to spread love and peace via a three-finger hand sign. 

“I came to hear Jeffrey speak about his book at the Wayne Public Library. I found him to be an inspirational, captivating speaker, with a contagious passion and strong vision for spreading love and peace through his storytelling.” Cecily C. said. 

Deep Within a Blueberry Sky is a novel written in the genre of magical realism. The book exemplifies the quintessential elements of what the selfless acts of giving and teaching, both profound offerings of love, really signify and the tremendous good that comes as a result. The story guides the reader by the use of deep, powerful prose, on an inspiring journey spanning from the depths of one’s soul to the highest mountaintop. 

Antonucci is in the process of forming a social movement to spread love and peace to ultimately improve the tumultuous state of our world. He is advocating for a “2020 and Beyond, Perfect Vision” of a filled world for all people and all things. This concept is symbolized by a three-finger hand sign that he hopes will become known and used universally spreading this “Perfect Vision” concept to an imperfect world. 

More information about his novel and the Love and Peace, A Sign for Our Times initiative can be found on his website at InspiredWorks.net. 


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