Woodland Park Outdoor Dining Gets Green Light

The Woodland Park Borough Council on June 17 adopted an ordinance that streamlines and fast-tracks the process to allow local restaurants to set up outdoor dining, which Gov. Murphy announced is now permitted. Tables seating individual groups must be six feet apart and other safety and sanitization protocols must be followed.

The goal, Mayor Keith Kazmark noted, is to help restaurants open an outdoor seating area for the first time or expand outside seating to increase business, as well as get back to a sense of normalcy. 

The Borough building department is working with eateries, as each case is unique. Some have quickly built or set up spaces outside such as Bask Bar & Grill, Mesa 46 and Amore, while others that are in a strip mall, such as Viva La Pizza, need to work with their associations to create seating space.

While setting up outdoor dining spaces, the main factors are 1) not creating a parking problem in the general vicinity, and 2) keeping patrons and staff safe.​



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