Woodland Park Virtual School Counseling Rooms Make Debut

School Counselor Danielle Indri at Charles Olbon in Woodland Park created virtual counseling rooms for the students and posted them on her webpage. 

Over the last few weeks of school, she was thinking of the students and missing them. She created the pages as a means to have more contact in the final weeks and supplying families with something they can use at home even during the summer. Each room has clickable objects related to different ways of dealing with stress and relaxation. Some children may recognize aspects of her actual counseling office and calm down corner. Additionally, there is a mailbox in each room that children can click to send Ms. Indri a message. They can also see if they can find Chip, the school mascot, in each room. She plans to keep the rooms updated and accessible even when we return to school as an added resource and method of correspondence. As always, counselors are here for students and parents and they should not hesitate to reach out.​


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