WPPD Chief Retires

On Friday, Feb. 28 at 3 p.m. Chief of Police Eileen Tiernan signed off for the last time, retiring after a 27-year career with the Woodland Park Police Department.

Chief Tiernan was recognized by Mayor Kazmark and the Borough Council on Wednesday evening for her “outstanding performance in law enforcement” and commended for receiving numerous awards including a lifesaving award, a meritorious award and a Mayor’s award.

Hired in 1993 by the then West Paterson Police Department, she graduated the Passaic County Police Academy in 1994 and was assigned to the patrol division. During her years on patrol, she also taught CPR school students as well as various law enforcement subjects with the FBI.

Chief Tiernan was promoted in 2001 to sergeant, patrol division supervisor; in 2010 to lieutenant, patrol division tour commander; and to captain in 2012. Following the unexpected retirement of former Chief Anthony Galietti, she was sworn in to the rank of chief on May 31, 2018, serving as the first female police chief in Passaic County.

During her 21 months as chief, she led the Department in achieving State Chief’s Association accreditation. She worked with the Woodland Park Municipal Alliance Against Alcoholism and Drug Abuse to install a prescription medicine drop box in the Police Department lobby and institute the LEAD program in Borough schools, which is a successor to the long-time officer-led DARE program,

In 2019, she also led the Department as it hired four new officers, promoted three officers, added two additional school security officers and the addition of a police chaplain position.



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