Wreath Making Ignites Holiday Spirit And Financial Support Of Chatham Fire Department

By Dawn M. Chiossi

Recently, the Chatham Fire Department invited everyone to embrace its creativity and get into the Christmas spirit at the same time with its first annual Wreath Decorating Fundraisers to benefit the department.

One fundraiser was for families, held on Nov. 30, while the other was for ladies held on Dec. 5.

As is often the case with all new first-time fundraisers and events, the turnouts were small, but the folks at the department hope that they will grow and flourish over time.

In any case, a great time was had by all.

Although the total amount raised will be unknown until after their Christmas Tree Sale, all moneys donated are slated to go to the department’s operating budget. The money will go into the purchasing of new equipment, training classes and apparatus maintenance, as well as much more.

At this time of the year, warm hearts and generosity abound, and the Chatham Fire Department’s Wreath Decorating fundraiser was the perfect opportunity to show creativity and generosity at the same time! At this time of the year, the world comes alive with images of the holiday and this includes having adorned wreaths on front doors, in homes, or anywhere at all. People buy wreaths ready-made, or create homemade ones.

Holiday wreaths have significant meaning for the season: the circular shape has no beginning and no end, representing eternity. The evergreen branches symbolize growth and everlasting life. It all begins with a circle of fragrant evergreen branches: It is a simple canvas that just asks to be adorned. Some wreaths are simple with a big red bow, some have sleigh bells, some have berries and pinecones, while some are more ornamental. But whatever people’s taste, just the sight of a Christmas wreath makes people happy.

Prices were $40 for both events, with one wreath per family.

Participants were encouraged to make a fun festive night of it while they put their own creative touches on wreaths.

Chatham Fire Department provided the wreaths, decorations and Christmas music; everyone brought their own snacks.

According to Firefighter and Vice President Michael Coyne the Wreath Decorating Fundraiser blossomed out of another great event from the firehouse.

“The Family Night/Ladies Night Wreath Decorating Fundraiser was an event created so that members of our community could come down to create their own wreath,” he explains. “Every year at our Christmas Tree Sale we sell decorated and undecorated wreaths. Usually we have some people who ask if they can custom order or decorate their own wreaths. Therefore we have decided to create a family Night/Ladies Night wreath decorating event.”

Even though, he himself did not attend, Coyne shares that some other members of the department did, and enjoyed it very much.

Coyne says, “This is a great way for folks to come down to the firehouse and not only have a great time decorating a wreath, but it’s also a great way for them to learn about our fire department. It’s a great way for folks to come down and enjoy a night with friends and family.”

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