Yearbook Staff Sends Class of 2020 Edition for Publishing 

Brianna Rodriguez’20


Every year, new students join the Yearbook Class to work together, create a memorable theme and commemorate the graduating class. This year’s yearbook staff consists of 23 hard-working students along with Mrs. Cheryl Joseph and Mrs. Darcy Hall as their editors.

Each student is assigned to a different role for the yearbook at the beginning of the year. However, as the year goes on, some students end up switching roles based on what suits their skill level. This group is especially unique. When it came down to dedication and teamwork, this group showed that they could still get things done, regardless of the new and sudden circumstances. 

Creating a yearbook theme is one of the first things done in order to build upon the central idea of the book. This year’s theme was decided by co-editors Gabriella Cordova and Alexandra Ward, with help from members Isabella Guarente and Ashley Martin. The theme, “Through Our Eyes” felt just right for these seniors. “We focused on creating this book for the student body and greater community to reflect what PV looks like through the eyes of the Class of 2020,” Cordova shared. 

The “Yearbook Ladder”, which is a blueprint for what the book will look like, is developed in the beginning of the school year. Planning ahead is important to ensure that the yearbook is properly highlighting the school year. The yearbook staff was committed to ensuring a positive outlook, especially from the Class of 2020 personal statements. “I think what is different about this year’s book is that the screening process for acceptable quotes was more stringent and we, along with the Yearbook Committee, looked very closely at each and every quote submitted as we wanted to ensure that the message and tone of the book was positive and uplifting,” Mrs. Joseph explained.

While a tribute to the graduating class, each yearbook also serves as a time capsule of sorts for the surrounding community. “Alex and I understood that this yearbook is not only for the graduating class, but also for the local citizens whose Hornet Pride remains strong,” said Cordova. “We went through a rigorous proofreading process to avoid any significant mistakes where myself, Alex, Samiha Allan, Isabella Guarente and the advisors would collaborate and make edits where necessary before submitting the book to be published. Our yearbook is a wonderful depiction of Hornets contributing to PV and the community around them.”

Due to the closure of schools and the switch to online learning, Passaic Valley’s spring athletes did not get their chance to play out their respective seasons. As a result, the yearbook page for athletes will look a bit different. “Since spring sports never got a chance to really get going this year, the layout of those pages will look different,” Mrs. Joseph said. “We did our best to give spring athletes the credit they deserve using the resources we had under the circumstances.”

Switching to remote learning did not lessen the dedication from the Yearbook Class to finish strong with the creation of this book. The staff was close to being finished with the final product by the time students had to switch to the remote learning model. However, the group continued to meet via video chats and online communication to ensure that every last detail was done before sending the final product out for publication.



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