Your Resolution

By: Franz Fuertges

This is the time of the year when people make resolutions and plan for the new year. Most of us focus on personal improvements which is a great goal.
Why not expand on that idea and help to improve your surroundings, your neighborhood, by joining the Denville Beautification Committee (DBC). You must have noticed the improvements in town over the years. This was done by a group of people who volunteered because they love beauty and the friendship of fellow Denvillians.
I have made it a habit every so often, to view the pictures I have from sites the DBC has developed and maintained – great memories. But, better yet, our get-togethers – you may call it parties – which we have enjoyed over the years. Lots of fun!
To belong to this group is not a duty-bound obligation, rather an exercise where equal minded people share values, and by doing so, impact the lives of every citizen and visitor to Denville.
COVID-19 was a challenge to all of us; it prevented the DBC from staging their inaugural “Spring Fling” fundraiser. This event was meant to start a new season with a cultural (gallery) exhibit, entertainment, and food. Everything was well planned and prepared, but then came the virus. Hopefully, once the vaccination has succeeded, we will go full blast.
You can be a part of this exciting future for Denville by joining the DBC, even if it is only a few days a year. Contact Irene Stefanacci at Denville Town Hall – phone: 973-625-8300 x290, or you can email her at
Make your resolution!
Franz Füertges


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