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Shop Smart this October to Benefit Breast Cancer Patients

(StatePoint) It is not always easy to tell how your charitable dollars are going to be used, especially during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Honored every October, this is a time of year when many companies use pink logos on product packaging to symbolize support for breast cancer-related charities. Unfortunately, these symbols are not always backed by a promise that proceeds will directly support research or those living with breast cancer. Read More

The Summer of 1969: Returning to the Old Tree Fort

By Richard Mabey Jr.

Our story so far: It is now Wednesday, late morning, on the twenty-fifth of June of 1969. I had just given my article, about what scouting meant to me, to Mr. Marino, the Editor-in-Chief of the Lincoln Park Journal. I was so very happy that Mr. Marino liked my article and told me that he planned on publishing in his next edition. Read More

From the Right: OPINION Our Desperate, Conspiracy-Prone Press


The term “conspiracy theory” is often associated with kooks and panic peddlers who see nefarious secret forces leading us all to our doom. It’s linked to people pushing transparently silly-sounding tropes — like the QAnon clan, who claims Hillary Clinton is running a satanic global sex trafficking ring out of pizza parlors. Read More

From the Left: Opinion: Before I Vote For You, I First Want To Like You


At the difficult art of winning highly competitive elections, former U.S. Sen. William Cohen, R-Maine — who never lost one — was very good indeed. Elected at 29 to his hometown Bangor City Council in 1969, Cohen would become that city’s mayor in 1971 before being elected in 1972 to the first of three terms in the U.S. House from Maine’s 2nd Congressional District. . Read More


Halloween 2020 is on: Guidelines to celebrate in a safe and fun way

(BPT) – Every year, you count down the days until Halloween. You love selecting costumes for your whole family, indulging in all your favorite treats and celebrating with friends. Read More

Fifth Grade Netcong Elementary School Student Starts Her Own Business

As part of our Celebrate the Good News program, Mackenzie “Mackie” DeSande’s mother, Courtney Scarangello, shared with school principal, Dr. Kurt Ceresnak that her daughter Mackie started her own company, “Mackie’s Random Slime Shop.Read More

Rental Unlimited…………………………Joyful Jewish Community

I Remember Dad: Dad’s Love for his Grandmother

One of the single most positive role models for my dad, when he was growing up, was his paternal grandmother, Isadora Dolson Mabey. My great grandmother was born in 1878, just three years after General Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant. Great Grandma grew up in New York City. How she came to meet and know my great grandfather, William Mabey, who lived in Beavertown, now known as Lincoln Park, is a great mystery. Read More

Is it safe to travel during a pandemic?

(BPT) – According to the CDC, traveling safely during a global pandemic comes down to two basic things: avoiding close contact with strangers and following a few common-sense precautions. Read More

Morris County Clerk Hopes to Ease Vote by Mail Fears

By: Megan Roche

2020 has been a year that has been completely out of the ordinary. With COVID-19 and social distancing rules still in effect for many places, voting in the 2020 Presidential election is going to look a bit different. Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi is hoping to ease the voting fears and reassure Morris County residents that their votes will count. Read More

Halloween 2020 is on: Guidelines to celebrate in a safe and fun way

(BPT) – Every year, you count down the days until Halloween. You love selecting costumes for your whole family, indulging in all your favorite treats and celebrating with friends. But this year is different — while you long to celebrate the holiday to the fullest, you also want to make choices to keep your family and your community safe. Read More

Dental Bridges, Dentures, & Implants: What’s The Difference?

Very often, people need to replace missing teeth or teeth that will be extracted shortly. Bridges, dentures, and implants are the most common ways to accomplish this, but what are the differences?. Read More

Dental Insurance

Morristown-Beard School Appoints Elizabeth Morrison New Head of School

The Morristown-Beard School Board of Trustees has voted unanimously to appoint Elizabeth “Liz” Morrison as the next Head of School, effective July 1, 2021, on the retirement of Peter Caldwell in June 2021.  Read More

Generac Generators

3 Ways Being a Label Reader Helps Protect People and the Planet

(BPT) – We’ve all seen people reading the labels of food, beverage and supplement packaging to look at the ingredients and nutrition facts — chances are you have, too. More than ever, shoppers are looking at labels to make sure products match up with their values, whether it’s protecting people or the planet.  Read More

Gutter Protection

Healthy Sleep is Vital for School Success

(BPT) – Healthy sleep is vital for student success. Yet, a new survey from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) shows that many students are not getting enough sleep, according to more than half of American parents surveyed. Read More


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