Hometown Online Issue August 3, 2020

AUGUST 3, 2020


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New Jersey Youth Corps Accepting Registration

Enrollment for the next session of the New Jersey Youth Corps program at Project Self-Sufficiency is underway. The sixteen-week program launches Monday, August 3rd, at Project Self-Sufficiency. The New Jersey Youth Corps gives those who have not completed high school the opportunity to boost their literacy skills, prepare for the high school equivalency exam, obtain on-the-job work experience, and transition into a career, college or the military. Read More

DENTAL DIGEST 4 Myths Regarding Dental Implants

Ira Goldberg, DDS, FAGD, DICOI

Dental Implants have revolutionized modern dentistry. Whether a person is missing a single tooth, multiple teeth, suffering from pain due to infections or gum disease, or looking for a solution to stabilize dentures, dental implants can come to the rescue! However, over the years I see certain misconceptions repeat themselves. Read More

7 Tips to Save Money and Have Fun Shopping Online

Online shopping allows you the ease of getting items delivered directly to your door. Not only is online shopping convenient, but it also allows you to discover sites that help you save money while shopping. READ MORE

CCM Offers Students Several Options for Taking Classes this Fall 

County College of Morris (CCM) is providing students with a number of options for how they can take their courses this Fall Semester so they can keep moving forward with their higher education. Read More

Safe Entertaining Tips in a COVID-19 World

Depending on where you live, restrictions on social gatherings may become less strict in the coming weeks and months. However, many experts caution that care should still be exercised when groups of people gather..

Read More

Master Family Meals with Ease

Comforting family meals are a tradition in many homes with time spent around the table sharing stories and laughs while enjoying great food. These meals can include lavish or complicated recipes, but you can also enjoy dinner with loved ones by turning to easy-to-make dishes that still follow through with delicious flavor. 

Read More

OPINION From the Left: When Mob Mentality and Moral Suasion Meet the Markets


A wave of hasty firings is sweeping across the country, driven by demands from what some call the “cancel culture.” The New York Times editorial page editor James Bennett ran an op-ed from Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., that displeased the paper’s readers and some colleagues, so he lost his job. 

Read More

OPINION From the Right:The Real Collusion Scandal of the 2016 Campaign


Four years ago this week, the leftists at WikiLeaks tried to ruin the Democratic convention by posting a trove of emails exposing how the Democratic National Committee blatantly favored Hillary Clinton and tilted against Bernie Sanders. But even then, the media downplayed the juiciest tidbits for conservatives:  Read More

4 tips from a dermatologist to keep skin protected during backyard summer fun

Summer is here, which means fun outdoor activities for kids will fill the long, sunny days. While the season is typically marked by family vacations and trips to the beach, new memories can be created right in the backyard or driveway! When used to its fullest potential, your outdoor space can very well become one of your child’s favorite places to play, explore, create and spend time with the family.

 Read More

5 Tips to Enhance Your Wedding Decor

Wedding days are meant to be filled with love and celebration, and what better way to ring in the new stage of life as newlyweds than with a well-decorated venue to match the joyous occasion. Whether a couple is on a tight budget or picky when it comes to theme ideas, these decorating tips can help add more flair for the big day. Read More

Foodie Fest Weekend – Social Distancing style

A weekend dedicated to all Foodies! Thanks to Environmental Transport Group, Rockefeller Group and Johnson Automotive a new event is coming!

Read More

Safe Grilling Tips for a Sizzling Summer

When temperatures soar this summer, many American families may be seeking a break from the monotony of their everyday routines. To make the most of the extra time at home, firing up the grill can be a simple solution for relatively quick food preparation that also allows for spending time with loved ones in the comfort of your own backyard. Read More


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