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Diary of a Scout Leader: Homeward Bound

Our story so far: It is now Wednesday, late morning, on the twenty-fifth of June of 1969. I had just given my article, about what scouting meant to me, to Mr. Marino, the Editor-in-Chief of the Lincoln Park Journal. Read More

In The Pool With Old People

My thirties and forties brought a slew of ailments and bodily assaults that left my scarred, once lovely, torso looking like a map of the Manhattan subway system.  Read More

International Overdose Awareness Day Observed in Morris County

Morris County, state and federal officials joined families who lost loved-ones due to overdoses and several community organizations gathered to recognize International Overdose Awareness Day, an annual event observed to reduce the stigma of drug-addiction and the tragedy of drug-related deaths.. Read More

I Remember Dad: The Hawaiian Dollar

By Richard Mabey Jr.

In April of 1946, my dad mailed his father a dollar bill from Hawaii, for his birthday. My grandfather, Watson Mabey, turned 53 on the twenty-second of April of 1946. The dollar bill, that my dad sent to his father, was not an ordinary dollar bill. It was a rather rare Hawaiian dollar billRead More

Tips for Fueling up for Outdoor Fall Chores

Along with the fall season comes a range of outdoor chores for homeowners nationwide, from clearing trees and branches after wicked weather strikes to gathering autumn leaves. Here are a few things to consider as you go about fueling your chainsaws, leaf blowers and other lawn care equipment: Read More

On the Road Again…Serving Those Who Served

When times are tough and people are most in need – Project Help is there.

Even now, with COVID -19 raging the military aid group’s celebrated Mobile Closet – currently with “Food Pantry” added to the name – is being deployed to distribute groceries, toiletries and clothing to veterans and their families. Read More

Freeholder Director Encourages Everyone To Vote This Fall

Morris County Freeholder Director Deborah Smith is urging registered voters to actively participate in the predominately vote-by-mail election ordered by Governor Phil Murphy this fall, explaining that no one should be dissuaded from casting a ballot because they lack confidence in the vote-by-mail system. Read More

Creating a Stable Back-to-School Routine for Children

If there’s one thing parents know, it’s children thrive on routines. When it seems like everything is changing, routines can create stability.

 “When children know what to expect, they don’t feel powerless and out of control,” said Rashelle Chase from KinderCare Learning Centers’ education team. “Children like to plan just as much as adults do. When they know what will happen next, they can set their expectations.” Read More

OPINION PolitiFact’s Pants-on-Fire Claims of Neutrality

Apparently, the proper role of the “independent fact-checker” during today’s presidential campaign is to present the consistent opinion that Joe Biden is a force for truth and light, and President Donald Trump is a rampaging liar who never says anything true.Read More

OPINION: America’s Most Trusted ‘Referee’

What do presidential candidates George H.W. Bush, Michael Dukakis, Bill Clinton, Bob Dole, Ross Perot, Al Gore, George W. Bush, John Kerry, Barack Obama, John McCain and Mitt Romney all have in common? On the biggest night each of their political careers, when they — live and on national television without teleprompters or prepared texts — READ MORE


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