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January 25, 2021

The Summer of 1969: Grilled Cheese and Chicken Noodle Soup

By Richard Mabey Jr.

Our true-life story so far: It is now the sixteenth of July of 1969. I had attended my swimming lesson at the Paterson YMCA and hence had missed watching the launch of Apollo 11 on television. Upon arriving home, Mom and I found Aunt Helen and my sister Patti in the living room watching TV. 

NJ Starz: Jamie Siminoff

By Steven Sears

Don’t tell 44-year-old Jamie Siminoff, Founder and Chief Inventor at Ring, that he can’t do something.

Morris County Maintains AAA Financial Rating

Moody’s Investors Service again issued its top, AAA rating of Morris County’s financial stability in its review of county guaranteed bonds offered through the Morris County Improvement Authority for various projects.

I Remember Dad: The InheritanceRemembering Dad’s Love for Life

CCM Professor Stephen Longo WIns International Awards for Design

A highly respected, award-winning designer who has created brands for such blue-chip clients as Haagen-Dazs, Ronzoni and Star Kist Tuna, Stephen H. Longo, professor of graphic design at County College of Morris (CCM), now has more awards to add to his list.

Roxbury Early Act Clubs Spread Cheer and Raise Funds for Those in Need

The four elementary schools in Roxbury Township each have their own Early Act Clubs comprised of third and fourth-graders who help volunteer to reach out to the community and to the world. This service Club of elementary students is sponsored by the Roxbury Rotary Club.

Thoughts and Reflections: Remembering Old Charlie

By Richard Mabey Jr.

Old Charlie was the kindest man you’d ever want to know. He was 80 years old back in 2013. I know his age because he told me that he was 80 years old, at least a hundred times in the course of 2013, when I knew Old Charlie.

Old Charlie was the nickname that this kind, elderly man bestowed upon himself. You see, whenever Charlie would talk about himself he would hardly ever say, “well, I plan on going swimming today.” No, dear, kind Old Charlie would say instead, “well, Old Charlie plans on going swimming today.” It took a little getting used to.

In January of 2013, after having served

“Home Grown” RHS yearbook wins with GSSPA

Roxbury High School’s yearbook design team takes top honors once again. It’s 2020 Yearbook publication, “Home Grown” was awarded first place gold award in the Garden State Scholastic Press Association’s annual yearbook contest.

RHS Advisor, Scott Schilling worked

High School Equivalency Training Program for Teens and Young Adults New Jersey Youth Corps Starts in March

YMCA’S Are Not “Just Gyms” and Here’s Why:

Seniors: Get Your Flu Shot – It’s Important!

Wayne Girl Donates 16 Toys to Local Drive

StoryTime Productions Pivot to Bring Joy with Doorstep Magic

Nutritional Inspiration for the New Year

Make Virtual Learning Fun and Easier

Prep for Financial Emergency

How ‘buy now pay later’ can stretch your dollars



CNN Lies About Trump’s Vaccine Plans

In her first White House press briefing, soon after the sun set on Inauguration Day, President Joe Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, was mostly pressed by the assembled journalists about 


Don’t Hate the Political Players; Hate the Political Game


Many Americans are very upset that President-elect Joe Biden will replace President Donald Trump. For most of them, it’s not that they will miss Trump’s unconventional and often unacceptable behavior. Instead

How to combat isolation and loneliness among older adults



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